Our Home // Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

THE TIME HAS COME! Our home (little, baby, cozy 750 sq. ft. apartment) tour is finally here!

Wow guys, it is still so surreal that we live here in New York City - specifically Cobble Hill, in Brooklyn. This has been dream of ours since before we even got married, so to say it is reality now is actually quite crazy. It hasn't been easy by any means getting to this place, but it is one challenge we have taken and run with + I believe even succeeded in.

It has taken me a while to get this tour up because our home isn't totally "complete" just yet. But, I decided that a home is never complete, it is just ever-evolving and growing into what you want it to be! (It is also definitely not perfect, i.e. the empty paper towel roll... we just ran out) Also, since I have taken these photos (some of which were taken three different days), we found an incredible vintage mirror to go above our bar area + moved some stuff around there, so I decided to add photos of that as well - that's why there are a few different looks for that area in the photos.

As far as what is left for our home - we are looking for some incredible prints to create a gallery wall to go above our couch or bed, and whichever space we pick for the gallery wall, the other space we want to fill with a handmade flag by my friend Amanda Davis of Davis Art Co. We are also looking for new bedding, mainly a new throw blanket, new sheets, and maybe some throw pillows. And who knows, there will probably be many more changes along the way as well!

ANYWHO, with no further ado, here is our apartment, our space, the place we get to make + call home for at least 15 months here in our favorite city. What a dream. Check it out + let us know what you think, and if you know of any great pieces, art, etc that you think would go great in the home, let us know!

The Teague's