DUMBO lovers, Juliana + Jason // Brooklyn, NY

When I moved to New York City, I stalked Instagram for a few super cute couples to take pictures of. That is where I came across Juliana. She exudes style, and her Australian man, Jason, doesn't disappoint in the style department either!

We met up in DUMBO, which is in Brooklyn, New York (for all of you Texans out there who I love and don't have any clue what DUMBO is - dad, I'm lookin' at you!) Upon first meeting Juliana + Jason, they were just seriously the coolest - so down to earth, fun and up for anything! This shines through in their photos! Take a look at them and let me know what you think for yourself, and if you want to feel in the moment, play the audio below while you scroll -- it'll be just like you were there!

Juliana + Jason, thank you for allowing me to take your photos! I had an absolute blast and hope we get to create together soon!



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