NYC Elopement // New York lovers, Lizzy + Matt

Today’s elopement is such a sweet one! Lizzy + Matt are two of the kindest people we have had the pleasure of working with, and it was a JOY to photograph such a fun moment in their love story.

So back story… Lizzy + Matt had booked us to shoot their wedding in Jersey a month or so before she randomly reached out to me on one Monday afternoon and said “Hey, are you busy tomorrow?” I thought she might have just wanted to get together to discuss more about the wedding or their engagement session that we were still planning, and I said “Yeah, what up?!” Next thing I know, I have a text saying “Matt and I are planning to elope at the courthouse tomorrow and are wondering if you and Jordan would be available to come and shoot it?”… Uh, well DUH. Count us in for that last minute love adventures.

The next morning, we showed up to the courthouse and Lizzy + Matt were completely GIDDY. They couldn’t stop smiling and giggling — it was the cutest thing. It was super intimate as it was literally just us and them, and Jordan even signed as their witness for the ceremony. We will always count it such an honor to be part of these amazingly special moments in couples lives. After the ceremony (where the officiant literally said her whole spiel in like 30 seconds, and we all kinda giggled the whole time but also cried and it was still so sentimental, right Lizzy? LOL), we went around and took photos near the courthouse in multiple locations. The weather was perfect, and so was the entire morning of Lizzy and Matt’s elopement.

If you’re wondering, yes we still photographed their wedding in Jersey, and it happened last month! I will be blogging that whole set tomorrow to finish out the story of these two lovebirds, so stay tuned — you won’t want to miss the woody, snow, flower crown filled goodness. But until then, enjoy this day and the two cuties that made it so special and love-filled.

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